Cielo Ramon - Summer Internship

A Spanish Summer Internship

Sara Caba Battersea Spanish

Going into the Summer between my sophomore and junior year at SMU meant one thing. It was time to find an internship. When I started my journey of looking for a Summer internship, I was only sure of one thing. I wanted to go abroad. Being a double major in general business and Spanish my hope was to go to Mexico or Spain in order to immerse myself in the Spanish language. However, Covid had other plans. Mexico’s borders were still closed to workers due to covid and my university was not allowing students to travel outside of Texas until the fall. However, I was given the opportunity to apply to a virtual abroad internship. I was hesitant at first due to the internship being virtual, but ultimately decided to go for it. I had no idea at the time what a perfect fit my virtual internship would end up being. 

After applying to SMU’s virtual internship program I soon found out that I was accepted, and would be placed at an internship site called Battersea Spanish. I had absolutely no idea what Battersea Spanish was. The only information in the email was that they were a Spanish language school and Spanish & Latin Cultural Centre in Southwest London. However, throughout my internship I learned that Battersea Spanish is so much more than that. It is a place where people can go to connect to the Spanish language and culture. A place where people can have a glass of wine after class and make friends. A place that is so welcoming with the nicest instructors. A place that can make an intern almost 8,000 kilometers away across the sea feel like part of the team. 

As part of the Battersea Spanish team I got to assist with so many projects from creating grammar video templates to downloading videos for the creative school to putting lesson packs together. My favourite project was creating subtitles for some of the Youtube videos. These videos explored why people chose Battersea Spanish and what they would say to those making the decision as to whether or not they should join a class. I loved watching them. Everyone was so genuine in their answers and it was obvious that Battersea Spanish was like a home away from home for so many. I also got the opportunity to be a part of Battersea Spanish as a student through the dance fitness hybrid class. This was by far my favourite part of my day. The classes were so fun with a mix of core workouts, stretching, arm workouts, and leg workouts.The Latin and Flamenco tunes could be heard throughout my house when it was time for class. I was so grateful that I got to participate in these classes as they gave me a glimpse into what Battersea Spanish is like in person. 

When I first became part of the Battersea Spanish team I was very nervous. However, those nerves quickly faded away as I got to help Battersea Spanish grow. I learned so much this Summer and can’t wait to take the skills I’ve learned onto the next part of my journey. Battersea Spanish will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope one day I am able to go to the UK to see the beautiful new building in person.

Cielo Ramon
SMU University Student
Texas, USA